The UK’s bestest folk punk band ‘Black Water County’ come to the Winni and we couldn’t be more excited!

Over the past decade of playing music together, Black Water County have grown up through angsty teenage years into angstier adulthood, with only our music to reflect our hurdles and triumphs. On the days where the world seemed to be raging on indifferently or responsibilities came banging at their doors, they took solace amongst the singing, sweating people in front of us on a Friday night with that 10ft by 6ft space beneath our feet becoming our sanctuary.

 festival appearances have included WOMAD, Boomtown Fair, Beautiful Days, Camp Bestival, Larmer Tree and Teddy Rocks along with hundreds of smaller UK festivals and festival slots across Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands and France. 

Support from the Acrustic Badger Band.

Doors 7.45pm – Tickets £14adv